From Hair Loss to Hair Rich: Treatment Through Trichology

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As 10% of the population grapple with hair loss and scalp conditions, Hair Rich World Integrated Trichology Centre is coming to the rescue with cutting-edge treatment.

Founders Dr Wan Julia Sham Ariffin M.D. and her daughter Ms Siti Farah Azwin Abd Khalid started the centre to help combat hair loss effectively by providing treatment to target the root of hair problems.

The mother and daughter team are certified trichologists, giving patients from around the world hope to save their hair, by combining their expertise in the fields of medicine, trichology and nutrition.


Dr. Wan Julia is a board-certified, anti-ageing physician and apart from being medically trained, she is also certified by the Australian International Association of Trichologists (IAT) as is Ms Siti Farah.

The duo combine their expert knowledge to provide holistic treatment for hair loss from the inside out – focusing on the “why”, before treating a patient.

Both mother and daughter credit the limited treatment avenues available to sufferers as part of their drive to help with the hair loss cause.

Those with hair loss conditions assume that a visit to the salon will fix their hair woes, but unfortunately, this method only serves hair superficially without getting to its cause.

Hence, Hair Rich was formed to help those with hair and scalp conditions get the treatment they need. Siti Farah says she hopes that the Hair Rich World Integrated Trichology Centre will be the go-to clinic for anyone with hair & scalp problems.

What are the Differences between a Clinical Trichologist and a Medical Doctor?

According to Dr. Wan Julia and Siti Farah, a trichologist specialises in the science of hair and scalp to diagnose related conditions and provide treatment.

On the other hand, a general practitioner may simply prescribe drugs and shampoos to reduce the effects of the conditions. However, this approach often treats only the symptom and not the cause.

Combining her expertise as a medical doctor as well as a trichologist, Dr. Wan Julia is able to increase reach of the treatment to extend beyond both fields. Along with the added expertise of Siti Farah who is also a clinical nutritionist and clinical beautician,Hair Rich is providing their patrons with truly comprehensive services.

When Should One See A Trichologist?

As Ms Siti Farah sees it, “some hair loss is expected, if you are losing less than 100 strands a day, this is still considered normal”.  However, if hair fall is excessive (more than one hundred strands) or if you are starting to see your scalp – a trip to their clinic could help save your hair.

Dr. Wan Julia also recommends that if your scalp is constantly itchy or overly oily, it might be a good idea to see a trichologist to treat scalp issues early. This is because; prompt treatment provides the best chances of success. Once hair follicles are closed –more invasive treatments such as a hair transplant may be suggested instead.

What Are the Most Common Causes Of Hair Loss?

Dr. Wan Julia explains that genetics play a significant role with most hair conditions – a whopping 80% of patients are dealing with Male (and Female) Pattern Baldness. Hair loss in women is sometimes attributed to hormonal imbalances or chemical damage from over styling.

Ms Siti Farah added that poor nutrition, stress, illness, environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle habits such a lack of exercise and smoking can contribute to hair loss.

How important is Nutrition to Healthy Hair?

Both Dr. Wan Julia and Ms Siti Farah stress that nutrition is essential to maintaining luscious locks. Dr. Wan Julia suggests taking multivitamins and multi-minerals as well as antioxidants to neutralise free radicals in the body. In fact, nutritional supplements are typically a part of the treatments available at Hair Rich World Integrated Trichology Centre.

What Types of Treatments Are Available at the Hair Rich World Integrated Trichology Centre?

Before treatment commences, potential hair issues are analysed first, so that the cause of the symptoms can be addressed. Once they know what might be causing the presentation of hair fall or poor scalp conditions, then the right treatment can be prescribed.

Ms Siti Farah says that the scalp is analysed using a trichoscopy machine; blood and hormone tests may be ordered as well to suss out the possible underlying causes.  Depending on the condition, treatments could include special shampoos, supplements, a hair spa to detoxify the scalp, and others to provide nutrients and vitamins.

In more severe cases, Trichotherapy may be prescribed to trigger hair growth. How it works is by ‘stamping’ growth factors directly into the scalp and delaying dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that causes hair fall.  Dr. Wan Julia says that the treatments have been quite promising with results seen in as little as two weeks.

What You Can Do If You are Having Hair Problems?

Dr. Wan Julia and Ms Siti Farah have stressed the importance of using a good shampoo – one that is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (an ingredient commonly found in household cleansing products) and to maintain a balanced lifestyle – with a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and less stress.

In addition, you should also pay them a visit to have your scalp and hair analysed to improve the condition of your hair.  Hair Rich World Integrated Trichology Centre is located in Taman Dagang Avenue, Ampang; do call +603-4288 5575 / +6012-241 3389 to set up a consultation.